A very good practice of internal communication is to make presentations of new projects, products or services to team members before they are published abroad. However, you must bear in mind that the components of your team will be the main prescribers of your services. Technical assistance to colleagues to solve doubts or technical problems. The video conference rooms allow you to share the screen to show step by step the instructions and indications. Let’s have a look on each benefits of VC that has influenced our life somehow.

External communication with clients or collaborators

In the context of the globalized market in which you find yourselves today, it is difficult to think that all meetings with potential clients or collaborators can be carried out face-to-face, at least on occasions where an initial contact or prospecting is intended. If you have a business in XYZ and you have the possibility of offering services to a client in ABC, the videoconferencing system is positioned as a key channel to make that initial contact.

Project follow-up meeting – In the implementation of services or products to clients, you can establish monitoring milestones to evaluate and analyze the status of the project. In cases in which the face-to-face meeting is not feasible, monitoring by videoconference is very operative.

Consulting and technical support – Resolution of incidents, doubts or queries with a faster and more affordable service for the client or collaborator.

Customer training – After the implementation of projects, there are occasions in which a subsequent training is carried out for an individual or collective client. Training through videoconferencing is more flexible, comfortable and affordable. In addition, many systems allow you to record the session in the medium conference room,so that it can be consulted later without having to take additional notes.

Market breadth – To date, how many companies would consider opening new markets if they had to invest resources in regular trips to each of these new markets? E-commerce is a clear example of a globalized service that makes use of systems such as videoconferencing for agreements with local partners, suppliers from other countries, or support to clients from different countries from the same point. If the company has defined continuous training or initiation programs for new incorporations, the Eztalks videoconferencing system can be an excellent medium through which to give online seminars.

Conclusion: Flexibility and comfort

It is as simple as setting a schedule that is common for all attendees, and celebrating the meeting. Something as complicated a priori as working with companies or professionals with time zones totally different from yours, can be solved in a simple way with meetings of coordination and monitoring through videoconference in common schedules. It is important to highlight that, although the videoconference system allows the transmission of video and audio, sometimes you can propose sessions and meetings in which only audio is issued for reasons of comfort or reduction of the necessary bandwidth for said connection.

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