WordPress is right now the most mainstream blogging framework being utilized on the web. The beneficial thing about WordPress is the tremendous choice of free Plugins and Themes that allow any users to change their site as per their needs and add any additional features as per their desire.

Any individual who has ever been engaged with running or potentially keeping up a WordPress site has most likely been in a circumstance where they needed to reset the site entirely they’re working on.

If you are looking to rest your WordPress site completely, we recommend WP Reset Plugin. This Plugin helps you to reset any types of a WordPress site in the simplest way possible in the industry.

Reset WordPress Site with WP Reset

Resetting your WordPress site with WP Reset is really easy. First, you need to Install the Plugin from the WordPress Directory.

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins and click Add New.
  2. Search for WP Reset and hit enter and install the Plugin.
  3. Click “Install Now” and Activate.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the Plugin. Now it’s time to Reset your WordPress site using the Plugin.

  1. Open Plugins page located under the Tools menu.
  2. Post-Reset Actions Options

WP Reset comes with some awesome post-reset actions features like Reactivate your current theme, reactivate WP Reset Plugin, and reactivate all currently active plugins after the reset. Choose the actions as per your needs.

  1. Reset your Website

Now it’s time to reset your website. You want to type reset in the confirmation field to perform a complete reset. Type reset and click the “Reset WordPress” button to do an instant reset.

Things to Understand Before the Reset

No Undo – Before resetting your website with WP Reset Plugin, we recommend you to take a complete backup because there is no UNDO in this action and no backups are made by the Plugin.

It will delete all Posts and Pages – Resetting will delete all posts, pages, comments, media entries, users, etc. Currently logged in user will be restored with the current username and password.

It will not delete your Media Files – It will not delete your Media Files as they remain in the wp-uploads folder.

No Themes and Plugins are Deleted – WP Reset will not delete any Plugins or Themes and it will not change your site title, address, language, etc.

Hope this post helps you quickly reset your WordPress site. Also, learn How to Quickly Debug Complicated WordPress Plugin & Theme Activation Procedures.

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